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Your first dance is the symbol of taking your first steps together as a married couple on your journey through life. As such it should be a moment for the two of you to remember forever and reflect your relationship to your family.


Here are a few things that are handy to keep in mind while preparing for you first dance as a wedded couple.

Your wedding dance should be a calm and relaxing time. Here are a few things you can do to help make that be a reality.

I’m going to say it again. Practice.
You can’t get enough of it. Do it at work, in the hall, at the store, in your backyard. It will help you be able to forget about your feet and focus on your connection with your fiance.

Practice in your shoes, skirt, shorts, or something similar to what you may be wearing for you wedding.
Practice with your music.
Practice smiling at each other.
Practice patience with each other.

Five ways to Practice:
1. Private lessons: These allow you to work on the finesse of the the dancing. If you have questions or difficult parts I can help you feel it as well as figure out the mechanics at your speed.
2. Group lessons: These are good for repetition, and socializing. They allow you to perfect a few patterns with multiple partners (if you don’t want to switch partners I won’t make you)
3. Practice with a partner: This helps you with repetition at your own pace. Your partner can help you by telling you what feels right to them.
4. Practice by yourself: Your body needs the repetition so even if you put the music on and just move through each part imagining where your partner is will help when you get a real live partner.
5. Go Social Dancing: is a great website to check out for all local social dances.

Men: Your main responsibility is to keep your feet moving and hold onto your bride to help make her feel comfortable.

Ladies: Be patient with your man, he has a lot of responsibility holding you in his arms and having to tell you where to go and when. If he doesn’t do something just right its ok, go with it. Good life advice as well.

Good things to know…


Q. What should we wear to our lessons?
A.  Any comfortable clothing. Leather bottom shoes are the easiest to dance in. Ladies might want to wear a shoe with a similar heel height as bridal shoe.

Q.  Where are the lessons held ?
A.  I work out of a number of studios so whichever one is most convenient.

Q. Can you teach at our house or venue?
A. Yes, but there will be an additional charge for travel.

Q.  How many lessons will we need ?
A.  The minimum package is for 2 private lessons. Experience has shown that it takes at least one lesson to learn something and at least one more lesson to allow you to get comfortable with it. For wedding dances everyone is different, but I would say the standard is between 10-20 private lessons which allows you to learn and then get comfortable and confident with your dancing.  Time, repetition, and motivation are the three main factors when it comes to learning how to dance. The more lavish you want your dance to be the more time you will want to put into it.

Q.  How soon before our wedding date should we begin our lessons ?
A.  Again it depends on how much you want to do and how comfortable you want to be. One or two lessons won’t give you a lot, just enough to get by. Four to six months with allow you to be comfortable and confident. A year will allow you to have a hobby for the rest of your life together because you will be able to really learn how to communicate together while dancing.

Q.  Do we need to bring our chosen first song with us when we come for our first lesson ?
A.  If you have one absolutely. If not, I’ll help you find one that is perfect for the two of you.

Q.  Can I cancel and re-schedule one of my pre-booked lessons to another day ?
A. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you give at least 24 hours notice. If notice is less than 24 hours I do have to charge you for the lesson.

Q.Do you give refunds or exchanges?
A. Unfortunately I cannot offer refunds or exchanges. If there is a serious emergency we can talk about possible extending the expiration period. (lessons expire after 1 year of purchase)

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