Second Anatomy Test

I’ve gotten into the groove of things here now, and I wish I had written more in the first few weeks and months. The first anatomy test didn’t go so well.. I thought I was totally prepared and then I just barely passed. So this time I thought I’d do something different. I went to all the lectures and video taped them. I started studying early in the hopes of being ahead of the game. I actually studied all the way up to the test. And I spent the whole weekend making myself not procrastinate.

The weekend before the first test I got this calm feeling so I stopped studying sunday night and just reviewed a few things on monday morning. The second test I made myself repeat things over and over again ad nauseum. It obviously helped, but the main problem I still have has to do with how the teacher gets the information across to the students. Unrecognizable  english aside, slides with only a picture are completely useless. The only thing I really learned was that if he repeats himself three times it will be on the test. Even if its something seemingly insignificant, it will be there.

So now that weight is off my shoulders. I still have 7 more tests in the next three weeks, along with Thanksgiving at Judith’s, teaching at BrazaZouk, Swing on Sunday, and WCS on the Move, as well as going to Olso for a dance event in December.. yeah. Smart cookie right here. Case study and Assessment will take up the majority of the next two weeks.

I’m starting to really look forward to coming home. I can’t wait to see my kitties, hug my friends, and eat Thai and Mexican food. I’ll be bringing with me some of the delicious sauces that the dutch use. There’s curry Ketchup, peanut sauce, sweet chilli sauce, and scheckenstroop for waffles. I’m also going to find a recipe for the waffles with bacon and cheese… mmmm. Ok I think I’m hungry..

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